In Memoriam Charles Eglington 1975

10 poems by CHARLES EGLINGTON and 10 original woodcuts by CECIL SKOTNES

This privote edition is limited to 75 copies numbered 1 to 75, and 15 artists proofs numbered I to XV.

Each woodcut is titled, numbered and signed and each portfolio signed by the artist.

The woodcuts were printed from the original blocks in four colours on Zerkall Bütten paper by Egon Guenther in Johannesburg, the text was set in 18 pt. Caslon Light and printed by ABC Press, Cape Town.

November, 1975

‘My professional relationship with Charles Eglington began in 1961 when he arranged for me an exhibition of some 30 black and white woodcuts at the National Gallery in Bloemfontein. During that drive down from Johannesburg we discussed the possibility of interpreting poems in the woodcut medium, and we talked of making a series of combination works. It was to take 14 years before the first production of what we had always had in mind came to fruition. There were many interventions: although we maintained our friendship over those years, it was unfortunate that the chance for me to do a series of works to his poetry came about only after his death. I dedicate this portfolio to a poet of my generation who made a distinguished contribution to South Africa’s world of poetry and art.