KWV calendar 1982

KWV  asked Cecil to create two series of works for their 1979 and 1982 “Art Calendar” projects. The 1982 series depicts twelve extraordinary landscapes from the Cape region, which powerfully capture the unique terroir from which KWV’s wines are produced.

To honour Skotnes and his association with wine, KWV was pleased to present the Epic of Everlasting exhibition, which also featured his first commission for them, The origins of wine/The epic of Gilgamesh. Through this exhibition, which toured nationally in 2011, KWV shared their treasures of Cecil Skotnes’ artistry for the first time, and encouraged the public to take part in a wine and art experience which they hope will continue to build on the KWV arts heritage into the future.

Although the Epic of Everlasting Exhibition Tour has come to an end, the KWV Skotnes collection is still on view at Laborie Wine Farm in Paarl.